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(Garret Quinn | MassLive) Follow on Twitter President Donald Trump is calling for a $137 billion nationwide infrastructure investment project that kicks back nearly $3 billion to Massachusetts for an extension of Boston’s Green line, according to a presentation sent to the National Governor’s Association. The presentation was released by the McClatchy Washington Bureau . At this time, it is unclear if the presentation is a draft or final version, although it is nearly identical to a list compiled by Trump’s transition team, which was circulated among state officials in December. The Green Line Extension project was plagued last year after the MBTA underestimated the cost of building nearly 4.5 miles of new rails into Somerville and Medford, six new trains and relocating a station. The project was originally supposed to cost $2 billion, but the MBTA was later told that the costs could be as high as $3 billion. Finally, the board agreed to spend $2.29 billion on the extension, agreeing to scale back and simplify the project. The Federal Transit Administration was supposed to pay about $1 billion for the original plan, but because the MBTA modified the plan, the extension project has to go through a new submission process. The Trump plan calls for a 4.3-mile extension into the two cities at the cost of $3 billion. The proposal also estimates that nearly 3000 jobs will be created as a result.

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Three bodies were recovered, and six other people from the boat were missing. To make sure you understand a bit more on the subject of the O scale trains as well as other O scale trains content, be sure to actually click on this link, take a look at model steam trains here today.The boat left Kota Kinabalu in Sabah state at 9 a.m. Saturday on its way to Pulau Mengalum, an island about 60 kilometers (38 miles)… By EILEEN NG Associated Press| 2 days ago How to get live updates from the Hawthorne Hyperloop competition Engineering teams from around the world have descended on Hawthorne to test out their solutions to one of Elon Musks futuristic ideas: the Hyperloop. Each of the 30 teams will test their Hyperloop pods in a tube constructed on Jack Northrop Avenue near Hawthorne Municipal Airport and Musks SpaceX headquarters and… 3 days ago Transportation technology The future is now: Teams ready to test pods in Hawthorne for futuristic Hyperloop transit system Space visionary Elon Musk turns his gaze back to Earth this weekend as 30 engineering teams from around the world gather in the South Bay to bring a dose of reality to his futuristic ground transportation concept known as Hyperloop. A white three-quarter-mile enclosed tube along a Hawthorne street, near Musks SpaceX and Tesla plants, will be the focus of a competition in which the teams will test pod vehicles propelled inside a vacuum chamber. Musk introduced the…

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