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Chief Martin says that this detail will lead to better coverage in the future. “General act regarding of audio and video recording equipment, which was not properly followed, and so we are taking appropriate steps – we found those areas in which we can improve, and we’re taking the appropriate steps to try and make improvements in those areas,” said Chief Martin. / By Joe Sharpe Digital Content Manager 2016-12-20T23:01:00Z By Joe Sharpe Digital Content Manager 2016-12-20T22:52:35Z Local firefighters battle the flames and cold temperatures during a house fire in western Allen County this morning. Just before we inquire deeper behind the HO scale trains topic, check out this particular HO scale trains web site: Jessica Gavin 6 & 11 PM Weekday Anchor / Producer / Reporter 2016-12-21T02:43:35Z A reimbursement could soon come to Elida schools, that were directed away to poor performing Charter schools. By Andrea Henderson Multimedia Video Journalist 2016-12-20T23:01:03Z The company was just started this year. It’s run out of the high school by students, and they’ve already started servicing local businesses in the area. shawnee school board president resigns By Jesse Maag Weekend Meteorologist / Reporter 2016-12-21T04:54:46Z One local School Board President attended her last meeting Tuesday evening as she prepared to take a new role with the State of Ohio. By Leslie Moreno Multimedia Video Journalist 2016-12-20T22:32:52Z In October we were here when AT&Tand the Ohio Public Safety announced that Van Wert High School Junior, Kylee Bagley was one of the winners for the “It Can Wait” challenge about distracted driving.She worked with crews from the Ohio Channel to come up with this 30 second video. By Sam Shriver Multimedia Video Journalist 2016-12-17T21:25:09Z Model train enthusiasts descended upon the Allen County Fairgrounds for the annual Train Town Train Show and Swap Meet. Tables and tables of toy trains filled the inside of the Merchants Building at the fairgrounds today.

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Maglev trains work on the principle of electromagnetic propulsion, wherein the cars are suspended, guided, and propelled using powerful magnets. This management skill set involves solving problems and generating creativity, analysing and realizing full potential of available resources, utilizing fine distinctions of senses helpful in sharpening mental agility and understanding new behaviour of different individuals. BENEFITS OF ETHICS TRAINING IN THE WORKPLACE Ethics training programs help in building strong teams and foster professionalism in the workplace, thus helping to promote a strong teamwork and productivity. Apart from this question, there was again the problem of gender in a leadership. Always remember that these tips for managers on management skills if followed, will definitely help you in your career as a manager. More so, it will give them a sense of reflection. So let’s read…

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Its spring campaign featured a transgender model in a pair of its boyshorts. Thinx isn’t alone. After decades without any real innovation, the feminine hygiene industry is finally having its moment, with new products hitting shelves and — crucially — investors injecting capital into a market ignored for too long. Erika Jensen, L, and Lauren Schulte, R. Photo: Joe Lee, c/o The Flex Company. When studying train set and pertinent Athearn trains sites, many of us gleaned a good amount more on the subject of the model trains area.In 2016, cofounders Lauren Schulte and Erika Jensen raised over $4 million to launch and grow The Flex Company, which manufactures and sells menstrual discs direct-to-consumer. Flex is a disposable tampon alternative that sits at the base of a womans cervix, collecting rather than absorbing blood. Its patented materials heat up inside the body, creating a custom fit. Each disc can be worn for 12 hours, including during activities often hampered by tampons, like swimming and sex.

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