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Right from the start the emphasis was on authentic translation of the prototypes into models. Conversion kits are available to change to a more prototypical knuckle coupler. The majority of the trains come with basic loop and hook type couplers. All are in excellent condition and in… By 1995 the company had introduced the “GB Multi-Train System,” which was a digital control system that allowed multiple trains to operate on the same track at the same time. On February 5, 2010, Märklin announced a return to profitability and emerged from bankruptcy on February 17, 2011. The first loco made under the GB brand was a model of a small Austrian 0-4-0 named “stain.” Train Shop Is Open By Appointment. It is intended to be compatible with conventional speed control.

LGB 1600 tips

The point should be worked over with a small file or motor tool grinding wheel so that a wheelset can be pushed through the point without even feeling it. If you have metal wheels and you hear clicks when your cars are going through turnouts, the turnouts need work. Any wheel noise should be subdued. If not, it indicates that a flange is striking something or a wheel is lifting off the rail and dropping back down. Plastic wheels tend to deaden noise and you may not hear problems as well. Listen very carefully as you drag AND push a train through each and every turnout in both directions and with the turnout set each way. Any unusual click should be investigated and eliminated. There will be soft clicks as the wheels go through the frog even on a perfect turnout, problems are indicated by louder clicks or clicks caused by wheels at the points or the point rail gap. Listen carefully and you’ll soon be able to tell the difference. Todd Brody found that he could reface a damaged plastic guard rail by bending a 1/64″ thick by 3/32″ wide brass strip around it as shown in the photo. He found specific instances where this improved tracking.

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The LGB web site has all the information. For a minimum charge of $50 they can do a lot to make that engine like new. In case any of us opt to go any further in depth on the model trains subject, check out this model trains site: visit their website.My LGB engine has a new motor and runs pefect after they did a rehab. I don’t want you to think you are not welcome here at the CTT forum, but there is another forum sponsored by TRAINS.com named Garden Railroading and they deal with the LGB models much more than here. I post over there when I have a G scale question and they have been very helpful this past year. Good luck Buckeye Riveter…………. OTTS Charter Member, aRoseyville Raider and a member of the CTT Forum since 2004.. Rogers Corners, OH, ELV 936 – Home of the Baltimore, Ohio & Wabash RR TCA 09-64284 1,404 posts Posted by daan on Friday, November 19, 2004 5:34 AM Hi Jason, Is the power module an original LGB one? Unlike the 0 gauge trains, LGB runs only on DC, 22 volts. Try to hook your transformer to the track without a train or engine on it and see if the light on your powerpack goes off. Be sure not to have any returnloops in your trackwork.

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